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About the Nerd

So I am Nerd, Geek, call me what you will, doing this more as a bit of fun 🙂

I tick the boxes for a lot of the geek / nerd niches, so let us review:

  • I love Star Wars, I saw episode IV in the cinema, before Lucas specialised it
  • I love Star Trek
    • grew up on Kirk and Spock
    • loved TNG, Picard is my Captain
    • Deep Space Nine was a change of style and pace
    • Voyager started off rocky, but showed immense style
    • Enterprise wasn’t given a fair shake, the show ended too early as it started to pick up
    • Discovery is a bold series, good on Netflix
  • I am a gamer, have been since I was a kid, my summers were in the arcade, and progress through PC and just about every console there has been
  • I enjoy cosplay, who doesn’t enjoy adopting the persona of your favourite characters

There is more, but we can cross those bridges when we get to them 🙂

Anything I post on here, is pretty much my opinion, and not anyone else’s

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